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Ozone therapy applied to small animals


Sometimes the conventional approach is not enough to solve some clinical problems. Find in the ozone therapy a pathway to bring the cure.

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Discover the practical applications of one of the most revolutionary therapeutic techniques of all time, the ozone therapy.

Together with leading experts in this field with years of practice, discover the impressive results that Ozone therapy has brought to the veterinary clinic. Sometimes the conventional approach is not enough to solve some clinical problems. Find in the ozone therapy a pathway to bring the cure.

Understand Ozone therapy from its basic biochemistry in the body to its most advanced application techniques, in addition to dosages and links between pathologies and treatments of various clinical diseases in small animals. 

An unprecedented collection of clinical cases analyzed by Dr. Jean Joaquim, one of the most renowned names in Veterinary Ozone Therapy in Brazil and abroad.

Come to Ozone therapy and reconcile low cost and high efficiency in your practice by applying in animals, a technique that is used by many top athletes today.

Come now to Bioethicus EaD and raise your service to the most modern and advanced.

What you will learn
  • Introduction and applications
  • How ozone is produced
  • Types of use in clinic
  • Indications
  • Oxidative stress
  • Techniques
  • How ozone works
  • Action mechanism
  • Reaction in different substrates
  • Biochemical effects
  • O3 in blood
  • Ozonides
  • Effects in immune system
  • Antimicrobial effect
  • Equipment
  • Parameters
  • Flow
  • Concentration and volume
  • O3 therapeutic dose
  • Different pathways
  • Clinical application in antimicrobial effect
  • Dermatology applications
  • Orthopedic applications
  • Clinical cases
  • Open wounds: protocols of treatments
  • Spider bit: protocols of treatments
  • Pharmaco-dermatitis: protocols of treatments
  • Chemical Burn: protocols of treatments
  • Snake bit: protocols of treatments
  • Brown spider stink: protocols of treatments
  • Wound in wild animals
  • Osteoarthritis treatment
  • Intra articular O3
  • Percutaneous O3
  • Use of O3 in intravertebral disc disease
  • Analgesic effect of O3
  • Acupuncture points and paravertebral ozone therapy
  • Low back pain
  • O3 x AINES
  • Kidney Injuries: protocol and treatment
  • Fluid ozonized
  • Scientific articles
  • Clinical cases
  • Comments about ozone
  • Standard doses
  • Methods to use O3
  • Clinical cases:
  • Ozone and Inflammation,
  • Toucan burn nerve inflammation
  • Spinal lesion in a marmoset
  • Vestibular disease in an alligator
  • Constipation in a dog
  • Spine fracture in a dog
  • Spine cord injury in a tiger
  • Vestibular syndrome in squire
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