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Integrative and Regenerative Veterinary Medicine

Bioethicus e-learn brings an unprecedented course that will boost your diagnostic power to another level.

Thermography is already used in the USA and in Europe, mainly in horses. In this course, you will learn its great potential for application in small and wild animals, from the mechanism of action to its numerous applications in different species.

Discover the applications of thermography for the diagnosis of numerous diseases, evaluation of musculoskeletal and peripherical nerve injuries, neoplastic inflammation, blood flow circulation, and other important applications.

The course includes clinical cases in large, small and wild animals.

Come to Bioethicus e-learn and enhance your practice to the most modern and advanced techniques for diagnosis.

Discover the practical applications of one of the most revolutionary therapeutic techniques of all time, the ozone therapy.

Together with leading experts in this field with years of practice, discover the impressive results that ozone therapy has brought to the veterinary practice. Sometimes the conventional approach is not enough to solve some clinical problems. Find in the ozone therapy a pathway to bring the cure.

Understand ozone therapy from its basic biochemistry in the body to its most advanced application techniques, dosages and links between pathologies and treatments of various clinical diseases in small animals.

The veterinary ozone therapy course on horses deals with the application of ozone as a therapeutic tool in the universe of large animal medicine.

A rich content, based on the extensive experience of the professionals involved, who were pioneers in the application and dissemination of the technique in Brazil.

The on line topics goes from the production of ozone to its various clinical use in equine medicine.

Ozone therapy is a therapeutic technique with low cost, high efficiency, and safety when properly used that will make the difference in daily cases in the equine field.

The course objective is to understand the Ozone Therapy from its basic biochemistry in the body to its most advanced application techniques, including dosages and links between pathologies and treatments of different clinical problems in equine medicine.

Gold implants inserted into acupoints creates a prolonged stimulation to treat chronic diseases.

Highly recommended for the treatment of chronic diseases such as epilepsy spondylosis, pain, and several other osteomuscular problems, such as arthrosis and hip dysplasia.

The gold implant is mostly applied to small animals, although it can also be used successfully in horses.

The use of gold implants in wild animals produces a prolonged therapeutic effect avoiding repeated physical restraint.


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You´ll get access to multidisciplinary topics, from the ancient Oriental Veterinary Medicine to the most current topics in surgery, oncology, pain, neurology, regenerative therapies, ozone therapy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and others.

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Hâmara Milaneze

I’m loving! All the teachers are fantastic and have wonderful teaching skills! They are opening my mind !!

Hâmara Milaneze

Rafael Franchi Traldi

I usually say that it was at Bioethicus where I aligned principles of life and what I believe, with my professional goals. The phrase of our former President Juscelino Kubitschek sums it up well: “I was here by chance, but I found exactly what I was looking for: Friendship”!

Rafael Franchi Traldi

Maria Isabel Sousa Paiva

When I started my specialization at Bioethicus it really was a game-changer in my life. The knowledge acquired and a differentiated approach made me a qualified and accomplished professional.

Maria Isabel Sousa Paiva

Maíra Belli

Bioethicus was and is essential for my professional training. There, in addition to being welcomed and well-received, I met enlightened and trained people who helped me to be the professional that I am today.

Maíra Belli