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Bioethicus Institute

Bioethicus Institute

For a Veterinary Medicine with More BIO and More ETHICS

The Bioethicus Institute has been offering the Specialization in Veterinary Acupuncture Course for over 15 years and is a pioneer in the Integrative Veterinary Medicine in Brazil, providing courses of Chinese Herbs, Oncology, Physical Therapy, Osteopathy, Neurology, Acupuncture, Ozone Therapy, Thermography, and Veterinary Homeopathy, Gold implants, Neurosurgery, General and orthopedic surgery and others, to more than 2000 students in our country and a few hundred around the world.

Bioethicus is now opening a new door to the world and the future. Looking to inspire and prepare students worldwide, the Institute is on a mission to spread the knowledge of integrating the complementary medicine to conventional and modern medicine.

After the huge success of the Bioethicus e-learn in Portuguese, we are now offering our e-learn courses in English and Spanish.

Come with us to the Integrative Veterinary Medicine of the future, to provide a healthier life to our animals based on scientific knowledge and principles.

Welcome to the International Bioethicus e-learn!

If your time and circumstances do not allow you to come to our Institute, Bioethicus-E-learn brings the best knowledge to you.

Dr. Jean Joaquim

Scientific coordinator of the Bioethicus Institute

Phd in Veterinary Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist, Specialist.
Former President of ABRAVET and former Director of IVAS and WATCVM.
Bioethicus Scientific Coordinator.
Current President of Brazilian Veterinary Ozone Association (ABO3VET).

We are here to boost your training and take off your career. Welcome to Bioethicus e-learn.

Dr. Jorge Martins

Bioethicus e-learn coordinator

PhD in Animal Biotechnology by FMVZ and IZW Leibniz Institut / Berlin Zoo. Expert in Wild Animals, by UFRA/RENCTAS and in Conservation Biology by Ecology Research Institut – IPÊ.

Bioethicus e-learn is an easy and efficient way to update yourself in the field of Integrative Veterinary Medicine.

Dra. Maria Luísa Buffo de Cápua

Director of the Bioethicus Institute

PhD degree in Veterinary Clinics São Paulo State University, Jaboticabal/SP, Brazil.
Acupuncture specialist IVAS.
Director of Bioethicus Institute, Botucatu/SP, Brazil.