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Integrative Veterinary Medicine

Integrative Veterinary Medicine

Integrative and Regenerative Veterinary Medicine

Integrative Veterinary Medicine is based on the union of different medical disciplines, focusing on different areas for the common good: patient health.

Integrating different medical approaches, Integrative Veterinary Medicine applies techniques that have scientific support and a point of convergence so that the treatment has the best possible effectiveness, aiming at animal welfare and the cost-benefit of the procedure.

Regenerative Medicine comes in the wake of scientific advancement that seeks biological and orthobiological products to strength regenerative capacity.

E-learn and courses at the Institute

The Bioethicus e-learn platform is based on the concept of continuous learning and training, with online access to the content of the courses, aiming to support in a complementary way the training of students and veterinarians.

The Bioethicus e-learn Course aspires to serve as a single source of training for students and Veterinary Professionals and does not confer undergraduate or graduate degrees of any kind.

Certificates will only be issued after verification of completion.
The application of the techniques learned requires face-to-face training so that they can be applied efficiently and safely.

The courses of the Bioethicus e-learn Platform aim to disseminate, complement, reinforce and remember contents focused on Integrative Veterinary Medicine.

The training of veterinary students at e-learn, does not eliminate the need for practical hands-on training that guarantees a correct and safe application of the techniques taught.

The application of techniques learned in the context of Distance Education without proper practical training is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the individual and the pedagogical proposal of Distance Education Bioethicus is not.