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Bioethicus Institute and International Association of Students of (IVSA)
United for Animal Health and Welfare

After the recent launch of the International Platform of the Bioethicus Institute in May 2020, Bioethicus Institute and the International Association of Veterinary Students (IVSA; founded in 1953 with above 40,000 members) signed a collaboration in December 2020. The partnership aims to provide online courses to students and veterinarians. The courses bring different contents and integrative techniques to build a holistic approach to health. This strategic approach between the institutions aims to increase the professional training of many students and veterinarians worldwide.

By joining the missions of the IVSA (” … promoting the international application of veterinary skills, education and knowledge”) and Bioethicus (“Using knowledge at the service of life”), the cooperation agreement will facilitate the access for students by bringing cutting-edge knowledge with an integrative approach everywhere, initially in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

In a pandemic context, eLearning courses have taken on a strategic dimension for the training of professionals. In a world in constant transformation and with such rapid technological advances, keeping informed and up-to-date has become a matter of survival that requires constant recycling and training. Bioethicus and IVSA seek to break the pandemic boundaries and bring cutting-edge knowledge to every part of the planet.

Based on Traditional Eastern Veterinary Medicine, the Bioethicus Institute since 2005, in addition to teaching Veterinary Acupuncture, and its variations such as Pharmacopuncture, Electroacupuncture, Moxa and Gold Implants, also promotes courses in Phytotherapy and Eastern Diet therapy. The courses are lectured by world’s renowned researchers.

In addition, Bioethicus also brings modern courses of efficient but little-known techniques. Ozoniotherapy is an example, which resurfaced with a robust scientific foundation, to prove its value in daily clinical life by the exceptional results in large and small animals.

Thermography is a newly launched technique that is revolutionizing the diagnosis of numerous pathologies. In addition to its wide application, it detects several clinical and subclinical signs that are difficult to observe.

The Courses of pain treatment in domestic animals, also in Spanish, shows the care that Bioethicus gives to animal welfare. An exclusive content, presented by one of the world’s leading animal pain specialists, responsible for validating most pain scales in numerous animal species, makes a completely integrative approach on the pathophysiology of pain, its recognition and pharmacological and integrative treatment in small and large animals. The course contains data generated by decades of research and clinical experience.

The newly launched, LASER therapy course in Portuguese is also a boom due to its immense therapeutic efficiency. The search for training the use of this technique has grown a lot, and it is now possible to learn without having to leave your home.

In addition to the English and Spanish courses, there are more than 40 courses, several combos, and VETFLIX, the combo that covers all courses of the platform. All courses can be obtained with discounts from anywhere in the world. In addition to discount coupons and integrated content disclosure, the partnership also provides two online workshops to be taught by experts from the Bioethicus Institute. The collaboration between Bioethicus and IVSA is a union of force that seeks to bring the excellence of knowledge to a more significant number of veterinarians and ensure that our animals have the best possible treatment.