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Bioethicus Institute brings Integrative Veterinary Medicine to Brazil and worldwide

Where millenary knowledge and the most advanced technology meets to offer the best possible treatment for our animals.

Have you ever heard of Integrative Veterinary Medicine and how it is improving the quality of life of animals?

Integrative Veterinary Medicine is based on the combination of different medical disciplines, focusing on complementary areas for the general good: the health of the patient. Integrative Veterinary Medicine applies techniques that have scientific backing and a common point of convergence so that the treatment has the best possible effectiveness, aiming at the animal well-being.

What is an integrative approach?

An integrative approach in veterinary medicine describes a treatment in which many different techniques and eventually different professionals are employed for a single cause, to treat the patient. The objective is to identify the roots of the problems, beyond the clinical signs, inducing the body to produce a better response or adaptation to the disease.

In practice, integrative medicine can involve a plan for a change in lifestyle, such as diet or exercises, in addition to complementary therapies such as phytotherapy, homeopathy, ozone therapy, acupuncture, among others, associating them with complex surgical procedures, advanced image diagnosis and the highest technology of rehabilitation equipment. Integrative medicine is present in oncology, neurology, surgery, in the most diverse areas of medical knowledge!

A veterinarian who works with the integrative approach will also take into consideration the animal’s emotional well-being and mood when making a diagnosis and choosing from the range of therapeutic options, the techniques that best support the recovery or healing of your patient. The objective is always to help the animal in the most efficient, safe and thorough way with the best possible cost-benefit.

Get to know the main subjects

Here you will find the ancient Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, with acupuncture, Chinese phytotherapy and combined with Thermography, an ultra-modern technique that permits capturing the surface temperature of the animals, ensuring fast, efficient and uncontained diagnosis.

Here ozone therapy and homeopathic knowledge are also combined, two distinct techniques, but which rely on the same principle, i.e., stimulating the body to balance itself.

Here, acupuncture and material technology work side by side, creating the gold implant, a technique that combines tradition and technology, allowing us to treat a wide range of diseases, mainly musculoskeletal diseases.

An emerging field of work

Integrative medicine is undergoing significant growth driven by the demand of a conscious and integrated public with nutrition, health and spirituality. Animal tutors identify their pets as family members and consequently seek a more humane treatment for their pets.

If clients are increasingly looking for integrative treatment protocols, clinics offering the best combination of therapeutic methods tend to increase their market share and patient care.

Clinics that invest in one or more integrative modalities will now also have more experience to adapt to future trends and implement the best complementary approaches associated with modern conventional care.

Bioethicus Institute, a pioneer in the training of integrative veterinarians

The Bioethicus Institute is a leader and pioneer in the study and implementation of the most innovative techniques that Veterinary Medicine has experienced in recent decades. It is also a pioneer in spreading the concept of Integrative and Regenerative Veterinary Medicine in Brazil with hundreds of students already graduated in their programs.

E-learning platform with the certification

Since 2018 the Institute has launched its e-learning platform, which currently counts with more than 3 thousand students and 32 different courses in different areas, as well as 8 theme-based COMBOS, in addition to VETFLIX, the largest Integrative Veterinary Medicine combo in Portuguese.

By investing in distance learning, Bioethicus Institute has been changing how knowledge is transmitted to students all over Brazil and abroad.

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